Is it crunch time?


To crunch (mascar, ronzar) you may know. Mortals often crunch an apple (…ronzan una manzana) or a biscuit. The apple or biscuit might be “crunchy” (crujiente). Perhaps your dogs crunch biscuits too. 


  • My dogs love to crunch sticks (a mis perros les encantan mascar palitos).
  • Mr. Vox crunches celery for breakfast every morning (…ronza apio para el desayuno cada mañana).

It has other meanings. When something “comes to the crunch” (el momento de la verdad) things are often at a crisis point (punto decisivo), a time when decisions have to be made. 

Two examples:

  • When it came to the crunch, the British people decided to leave the EU (cuando llegó la hora de verdad, el pueblo británico decidió salir la UE).
  • The government decisión about taxes will be a crunch factor in the elections (…será un factor decisivo en las elecciones).

Often we have to “crunch the numbers”. Perhaps you are doing your budget for the year, or your company´s accounts. So you have to review the numbers carefully = crunch the numbers.

An example:

  • I had to crunch the Academy´s numbers last week (tenía que hacer cálculos…)

So, when it is crunch time, you will have to crunch the numbers, while crunching away on a stick of celery. Who knows?


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