Do you cut the mustard?


Who knows (quien sabe)? “Mustard” you may know as “mostaza”. It is a spicy sauce made from the seeds of the mustard plant. You may have served yourself mustard from a mustard pot (mostacera). Mustard is used in England to add a sharp flavour to meat.

Mustard is also a colour. An example: yesterday Mrs. Merkel was wearing a mustard dress.

Here our interest is with idioms that use the word mustard. Examine these:

  • Mr.Morales is “keen as mustard” about Brexit. This means that he is enthusiastic and positive about it.
  • Mr. Corbyn, the Labour Leader in the UK, does not “cut the mustard” (…no da la talla) to be Prime Minister. This means that he is not “up to the job”, not having the skills, ideas, vision or capabilities to do the job well.
  • Miguel´s new Porsche “cuts the mustard” (es muy bueno) meaning that it is very good.

So, do you cut the mustard when it comes to doing your job? Does this blog cut the mustard?


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