An impromptu action is something that has not been planned and is spontaneous (espontaneo). Contemplate these:

  • Ricardo had to give an impromptu sermon (sermón improvisado) last Sunday.
  • It was an impromptu meeting (fue una reunión improvisada).
  • Mr. Sanchez organized an impromptu birthday party for Mr. Casado yesterday.

In those sentences the word impromptu is an adjective. The same word is also an adverb. Examine this:

  • Leila began to sing impromptu in Riga last week.

There is another use you may know, especially if you are a pianist or a violinst. Chopin, the Polish pianist and composer, wrote many impromptus for the piano. These impromptus or pieces of music, often give the impression of being spontaneous, hence the name.

So perhaps you play impromptus on the piano and often act in an impromptu manner.


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