“Abandon” is a little different in English. Consider the following:

  • After the play, Mr. Rajoy and Mr. Trump abandoned the opera house.

Right or wrong? Wrong. In English “to abandon” means “abandonar para siempre”. The correct version of this sentence would be:

  • After the play, Mr. Rajoy and Mr Trump left the opera house.

“Abandon” in English does not mean “dejar un lugar”. Here are some correct examples:

  • Mr. Sánchez abandoned his job and went to the USA (el señor Sánchez dejó su trabajo y se puso de viajar a los estados Unidos).
  • Would Mr. Morales abandon his dog to go on holiday (¿abandonaría señor Morales a su perro para irse de vacaciones)?
  • The man abandoned his family to their fate (el hombre abandonó a su familia a su suerte).

Here are some more examples:

  • The search was abandoned (se abandonó la búsqueda).
  • PSOE has abandoned hope of forming a government (PSOE ha abandonado la esperanza de formar un gobierno).

Finally, one can “abandon ship” = evacuar el barco, or speaking metaphorically (hablando metafóricamente), Mr. Sanchez has abandoned PSOE.

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