I do not have a bean!


“Bean” you may know (alubia, judía, habichuela). Here are focus is on expressions that use “bean”. Mull (reflexione sobre) over these:

  • I don`t have a bean (no tengo un duro). It means that I don`t have any money.
  • Mr. Casado is full of beans (…lleno de vida). He is full of energy.
  • Mr. Sanchez did not make a bean on the business deal (…no saqué ni un céntimo del negocio). He made no money on the transaction or business deal.
  • Mr. Morales knows how many beans make five (…sabe cuántas son dos y dos).

Another use: a “bean counter”. A bean counter is an accountant (contable).

Finally, if you “spill the beans” (descubrir el pastel) you reveal all the facts about something that perhaps were private, hidden or scandalous.


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