I do not have a bean!


“Bean” you may know (alubia), and “kidney beans” (judías) too. You may also know that Mr. Bean looks like Mr. Zapatero (Mr. B se parece a Mr. ZP).

This article focuses on expressions and idioms. Consider these expressions:

  • I have not got a bean = I have no money (no tengo un duro, estoy pelado).
  • I did not make a bean on the business deal ((no saque ni un céntimo…).

Now three idioms:

  • Mr. Morales is full of beans (…esta lleno de vida).
  • Mr. Sanchez does not know how many beans make five (… no sabe cuantos son dos y dos).
  • The tax cut does not amount to a row of beans (la baja del impuesto no vale nada, o es nada).

We also refer to “bean counters” (los contables), and when you see a friend, in humour, we sometimes say “hello old bean” = ¡hola macho!


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