What do you hanker after?

What do you hanker after

To hanker (anhelar) is to have a strong desire for, or yearn for, something. The origins of the word come from Dutch in the 1600´s, from the word “hunkeren”.

The verb hanker can be followed by “after”, “for” and to (do something). The noun is “hankering” (anhelo).

Contemplate these examples:

  • Many mortals hanker for fame (…anhelan fama).
  • Gilberto has been hankering (…ha estado anhelando…) after his homeland (patria).
  • Whatever we do not have, we hanker for (…lo deseamos).
  • Some people hanker for the last century.
  • Glorimar has a hankering (anhelo) for a Porsche, and she hankers to drive it to Patagonia.

So, what do you hanker after? A fairer and just world? The end of the aggression by Russia towards Ukraine?


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