Have you ever been hampered?

Have you ever been hampered

Probably, I conjecture. First the word as a noun: hamper.

A hamper is a type of basket (canasto, cesto) with a lid which mortals use to carry food and wine for a picnic. Sometimes English people give “Christmas Hampers” (cestas de Navidad) as gifts. An example:

  • Gilberto filled his hamper (…llenó su cesto con…) with a variety of fine cheeses and wine.

“To hamper” (dificultar, impedir, enlentecer, obstaculizar) is different and the context is negative. If something – a plan, a project, an economy , a business, learning – is hampered, it is slowed down and faces obstacles, and the circumstances are often frustrating for the mortals affected by the “hampering”.

People can be hampered (their progress is slowed or difficulties stop progress) in their ambitions and in their education.

Contemplate these examples.

  • PSOE´s policies are hampering (…se están obstaculizando…) the chances of economic recovery in Spain.
  • History teaches us that excessive interference by governments hampers (obstaculiza) economic growth.
  • Governments should not hamper (…no deberían difilcutar…) innovation.
  • The parrot-fashion Spanish education system hampers creativity.
    To learn “parrot fashion” = aprender como un loro.

So, have you ever been hampered? Perhaps in your education.

Perhaps you have bought a hamper, filled it with wonderful delicacies but your journey to the park was hampered by dense traffic. Then, the heavy hamper hampered your carrying of it to the picnic site. Who knows?


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