Take care with this word. Similar Spanish words would be “simpatico, afable y cordial” or “agradable”. Similar words in English would be sociable, cordial, pleasant and kind.

“Genial” does not mean brilliant, inspired, or marvellous.

Here are some examples:

  • I have a genial idea. The correct form would be: I have a great idea.
  • Mr. Rajoy gave us a genial welcome (Señor Rajoy nos recibieron cordialmente). This sentence is correct.
  • It was a wonderful film (fue una película genial). This sentence is correct.
  • Great – you have done all the exercises (genial – …). This sentence is correct.
  • Mrs May, the British prime minister, has a genial (= pleasant, warm, cordial) disposition. This sentence is correct.
  • The weather in northern Tenerife is genial (= mild and warm). A correct sentence.

The noun of genial is “geniality” meaning the quality of being genial, (sociability, and friendliness). Here is an example:

Mrs. May, the British prime minister, is known for her geniality (afabilidad).


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