Sometimes flummoxed?


Perhaps, if you be a mere mortal (simple mortal).

“Flummox” (confundir, desconcertar) is a verb, and flummoxed is the adjective. To be flummoxed is to be very confused or perplexed. Examine these examples.

  • Mr. Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister, regularly flummoxes people with statistics.
  • Mortals, like myself, can quickly be flummoxed (…rápidamente pueden ser confundidos…) when people speak rapidly in Spanish.
  • Forgive me if I am a little flummoxed, but… (perdóname si estoy un poco desconcertado …).
  • Mr. Sanchez looked completely flummoxed when asked about the very old and useless tanks that he wants to send to Ukraine.

So sometimes people speak in a flummoxing way, leaving mere mortals flummoxed, and some politicians try to flummox us in order to avoid the important issues.


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