Do you sometimes sit on the fence?


“Fence” (valla, cerca) you may know. An area can be fenced (zona cercada o vallada). “Fencing” is also a sport (esgrima). One can also “fence off” (separar con una valla) an area.

However, fence has other uses. It is used in a context of improving a situation or relationship.

Consider these:

  • Mr. Sanchez must “mend his fences” (mejorar las relaciones) with Mr. Trump.
  • Mr. Sanchez must mend his fences (=restablecer la reputation) with the Spanish voters.

Sometimes, politicians “sit on the fence”. This means that they do not decide on something or do not commit to one thing or another (no comprometerse), even though they are supposed to be leaders. Perhaps they dither (vacilar).

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