Do you pine for things or a mortal?

Do you pine for things or a mortal?

Perhaps. But first, a simple use: a pine tree (pino). So there are “pine needles (agujas de pino), pine nuts (piñones) and pine cones (piñas). Some easy examples.

  • Pine is less expensive than other wood.
  • At Christmas time some people decorate pine trees with lights.
  • Many mortals have a pine kitchen table.

To pine for (anhelar) something (or someone) is to wish for or long for it (or the mortal). “To pine” comes from the Latin “poena”, which means punishment or pain. When someone pines for something there is a sense of sadness (tristeza).

Contemplate these:

  • Mr. Boris Johnson, the former British Prime Minister, pines (añora) for the days when he was running the UK. He longs for (anhela) those days. Someone should say to him “stop pining” (deja de añorar): it is not going to happen.
  • Mr. Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister, is pining to go to (está anhelando irse a…) Venezuela.
  • I pine for the days when politicians were honourable (añoro los días cuando los políticos eran honorables).

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