Do you sometimes babble on?

babble on

I hope not. To “babble on” is to talk foolishly (tontamente) or unintelligibly (ininteligiblemente).
Often politicians “babble on” for hours, instead of keeping the message short and simple so that ordinary mortals can understand the message. Three examples:

    • Mr. Sánchez, the Spanish Prime Minister, babbled on (…balbuceaba…) about his government´s achievements.


  • Mr. Biden, the USA President, babbled on about the need to raise taxes.


  • Mr. Maduro, the Venezulean dictator, is always babbling on about the achievements of his government, despite the fact that the economy is in ruins (ruina).

Now other uses. Babies “babble”. For example: the baby is happily babbling on (…está balbuceando con felicidad).
Brooks (arroyos) or streams often babble. Perhaps you have heard a babbling brook (un arroyo murmurante).
So, to conclude, have you ever babbled on, listened to a babbler (palero) or a babbling baby or brook? Probably.


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