Are you a good mixer?

Are you a good mixer

A “mixer” (batidora) you may know, and perhaps you have used a mixer to make organic vegetable juice. There are also cement mixers (hormigoneras), and a mixer tap (grifo monobloque).

Sometimes mortals drink a mixer – an example might be a gin and tonic. In Spanish perhaps you refer to “un refresco, mezclado con licores”.

If a mortal is a “good mixer” he is generally sociable.

Some examples:

  • Mr. Johnson, the British Prime Minister, is a good mixer (…don de gentes).
  • Mr. Sanchez, the Spanish Primer Minister is not a good mixer (…no tiene don de gentes). He is a bad mixer.

So, are you a good mixer? Have you enjoyed a mixer recently? Have you used a mixer to make a healthy vegetable juice?

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