Wrapping your head around something?

Wrapping your head around something

«Wrap» (envolver) you may know and “head” too. However, if a mortal “wraps his head around something” it means that the person takes his time to think about something, perhaps because the topic is difficult and complicated.
The idiom is similar in Spanish: envolver la cabeza alrededor.

Contemplate these examples:

  • I have many things to wrap my head around (…tantas cosas en las cuales envolver mi cabeza).
  • While you wrap your head around the issues (mientras estás envolviendo tu cabeza alrededor de las cuestiones…), I am going for a bimble. Would you like to review “bimble? Click here.

If you are going to take a Cambridge English exam, the phrase is a useful one. Before beginning to speak about a question or topic, you need some thinking time, so say the following: that is a challenging question – I need to wrap my head around it for 3 seconds.

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