Coddled eggs for breakfast?

Coddled eggs

Perhaps you eat eggs for their taste and nutritional properties. Do you sometimes have “coddled eggs” for breakfast? “Coddle” is a verb and can also work as an adjective, and it has two meanings. One meaning is to overprotect or protect (mimar) a mortal or an industry.

An example:

  • Mr. Sanchez´s mother always coddled (mimó) him.
  • The Labour goverment in Britain, in the 1970´s, spent a fortune coddling (protegiendo y subvencionando) the steel industry.

The other use is in cooking. How do you like your eggs done (cooked)? Fried, boiled, poached (escalfados) or coddled? Coddled eggs are eggs that are cooked slowly (cocidos a fuego lento) in a ramekin (ramequín o molde pequeño), a small ceramic dish, and then eaten from the ramekin.

So, how do you like your eggs done for Sunday breakfast?


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