Put a sock in it

Put a sock

“Sock” (calcetín, media) you may know. Here the interest is in expressions (dichos) that use the word “sock”. Reflect over these:

  • The First certificate class “should pull up its socks” (…debiera poner empeño o debería esforzarse). This means that the class should work harder and make a bigger effort in order to improve.
  • Mr. Podemos should “put a sock in it” (…debería cerrar el pico). This is colloquial and means that he should stop talking and be quiet.

The origins of this phrase come from the days of the gramophone (gramófono). When people wanted to lower the volume they put a sock in the gramophone´s horn (el cuerno de gramófono).

  • Go on the stage and “sock it to them” (sube al escenario y demuéstrales quién eres).
  • The boxer knocked his opponent with one sock (… tumbó a su contrincante con un puntazo).

The results of the Spanish election will knock your sock’s off (…te dejará asombrado).

So, you should pull up your socks and review all the articles in this blog, and ask some politicians to put a sock in it.  What do you opine?


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