Take care with this verb as it is different in Spanish. Look at this example:

  • Mr. Podemos only assisted one class in economics.

Correct or incorrect? Incorrect. To assist in English means to help (y significa ayudar). Assist does not mean “asistir” which one translates to “attend”. The correct form of the above example is:

  • Mr. Podemos only attended one class in economics.

Here are three examples of the correct use of assist:

  • The university can assist (= help) you in finding accommodation (la universidad puede ayudarle a encontrar alojamiento).
  • Mr. Morales refused to assist Mr. Junker in his Brexit plan (Mr. Morales se negó secundar a Mr. Junker en su plan de Brexit).
  • Alejandra assisted Mrs. May in organizing the Brexit conference (Alejandra le ayudó a Mrs. May a organizar la conferencia de Brexit.

The noun is “assistance” (ayuda). Here are two examples:

  • May I be of assistance (¿yo podría ser de ayuda?)?
  • I need assistance (necesito ayuda).
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