Is everthing ship-shape?


“Ship” (barco, buque) you will probably know. Here the emphasis is on idioms and expressions. Examine these:

  • Is everything ship-shape (¿todo es ordenado?). Mortals also speak about a “ship-shape operation“ (operación orden y limpieza). “So if you say, is everything ship-shape” you are asking whether everything is in order for the task or function.
  • I will buy some things when my ship comes home (…cuando lleguen las vacas gordas).

Some people in England, many moons ago, made their living by importing goods from far away places. They had to wait many months for the ship to come back to England, and then they had the opportunity to sell the goods and have an income. So they could buy some things. Hence the expression.

  • Do you run a tight-ship in your business? To run a tight-ship means to run a company or organisation efficiently – with good and strict controls.


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