Are you sometimes toady?

Are you sometimes toady

“Toad” (sapo) you may know. “Toady” is different.

If someone is toady, he is one who artificially praises (elogia artificialmente a…) someone, in order to get something. Such a person is pretentious (pretencioso). Toady is both a noun and an adjective.

Examine these:

  • He is toady and arrogant (…un adulador y arrogante).
  • Mr. Sanchez is surrounded by toadies who say what he wants to hear (…está rodeado de aduladores que dicen lo que él quiere oír).
  • The Spanish government workers are toadies of the Prime Minister (…son aduladores del…).

Here is another use. In England mortals sometimes eat “Toad in a Hole” which is a dish made from flour, eggs and sausages. The flour and eggs are mixed and then holes are created in the mixture in which the sausages are put. Then the dish is baked (horneado) in an oven.


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