Are you sometimes detached?


“Detached” has the verb “detach” (separar, despegar) as its base, and the noun is “detachment”. 

Houses can be detached, as in a “detached house” (independiente). Here the interest is in “being detached” and “detachment”. 

Examine these:

  • Mr. Podemos has become detached from reality (…ha perdido contacto con la realidad).
  • Mr. Morales has gone to live in the mountains in Mongolia. He lives detached from everything (vive desligado de todo).

A person can take a “detached view” of the Spanish economy. That means that he considers the economy in a objective way (considera objetivamente), or in an impartial way (con imparcialidad). Someone can also have an “air of detachment”, an attitude of indifference (un aire de indiferencia). 

So, do you sometimes have an air of detachment? Can you take a “detached view” of something? Does Mr. Corbyn, the Labour Party Leader, take a detached or prejudiced view of the world? What do you opine?


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