Are you an agelast?

Are you an agelast

I hope not. An agelast is a person who is humourless (arisco) or mirthless (triste, sin alegría, que carece de sentido de humor). The word originally comes from Greek: agélastos. The word (an adjective) is similar in Spanish (agelasto/a).

Three examples.

  • Some mortals opine that Mr. Sanchez the Spanish Prime Minister, is an agelast: he always looks miserable.
  • He should not be an agelast: he should lighten up (relájate).
  • Mr. Boris Johnson, the previous British Prime Minister, is not an agelast.

Are you the opposite of an agelast? Are you a barrel of laughs (un barril de risas)? It is the better option for 2023.

From 100% English, we wish you a Happy New Year, and that you may not be an agelast.


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