What is afoot?


«Afoot» has two meanings. It means to walk. An example:

  • How are you going to get to the meeting with Mr. Sanchez? Afoot. Other ways to respond to the question could be: by walking, on foot, I shall walk.

“Afoot” is the better option: one word is always better than two or more words.

There is another use: it means that something has started or is underway (en marcha). The origin of the word is from Shakespeare´s play “King Henry IV”.

Some examples of its use:

  • I gather that (tengo entendido) there are plans afoot to raise taxes in Spain (se están tramitando en efecto algunos planes…).
  • There are plans afoot to introduce a Covid 19 test in Tenerife (hay planes en marcha para introducir una prueba de…).
  • What is afoot in your life or where you live (…está pasando/en marcha…)?

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