“Bone” (hueso, espina) and “bones” you may understand. There are some interesting idioms and expressions that use the word “bone”. Contemplate these:

  • Mr. Morales has a “bone to pick with” Mr. Barnier.

This means that Mr. Morales has an important disagreement with Mr. Barnier. Perhaps in Spanish you might say that Mr. Morales “tiene una cuenta que ajustar con el Señor Barnier”.

You could also say that Mr. Morales has an issue to resolve or dispute with Mr. Barnier, but “a bone to pick” is much more interesting language.

  • The Brexit terms are “a bone of contention”.

This means that they are disputed or are the subject of an argument. Perhaps you might say that the Brexit terms are “la manzana de la discordia”.

  • Mr. Boris Johnson has “made no bones about” his view on Brexit.

This means that he has not vacillated (vacilado). He has not “beaten around the bush” (no se ha andado por las ramas).

Sometimes people “work their fingers to the bone” meaning that they work a lot. Sometimes people say that they “feel something in their bones, which means that they have a feeling that something is going to happen. Perhaps something “is in the wind”.


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