Steel yourself!

Steel yourself

Steel (acero) and stainless steel (acero inoxidable) you may know. Here the focus is on expressions that use “steel”.

A person can be “a man of steel” (hombre de acero, o de hierro), that is, a strong-minded mortal who does not waver (vacilar) in times of great difficulty.

Here are two idioms:

  • You should steel yourself (…prepararse…) for what is going happen later this year. Mr. Biden, the USA president, yesterday said that we should “steel ourselves for the times ahead”.
  • In difficult times we need “nerves of steel” (nervios de acero), that is, to be calm and strong in very difficult times.

So you will need “nerves of steel” and to “steel yourself” for the difficult months ahead, therefore becoming a man of steel.


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