Squeal significado inglés

A squeal (chillado) is a high sound or cry. A similar word is shriek. Squeal is also a verb, so people and animals squeak.

Examine these:

• The girl squealed (…chilló cuando vio a …) when she saw the chocolates.

• Mr. Morales braked hard and the tyres squealed (…pisó el freno a fondo y los neumáticos chirriaron).

• The pig was squealing (estaba chillando) for an hour.

There are phrasal verbs: “squeal to”, “squeal on”. This means that information is revealed, usually information that is understood to be private. Mortals sometimes squeal on somebody, or to somebody.

Contemplate these:

• Somebody squealed on us to the police (alguien nos ha delatado a la policía).

• One never squeals on one´s friends (no se delata a los amigos).

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