Palete, palette and pallet


These are homophonous (homófono) words – they sound the same and have different meanings. To clarify:

Are you a painter? If you are, then you mix the colours on a palette (paleta). Examples:

  • The painter mixed the colours on his palette.
  • Ricardo carried his palette to his studio (…llevaba su caja de pinturas al estudio).

Have you ever worked in a warehouse (almacén)? If you have, then you would have seen products or boxes stacked (apilado, amontado) on a pallet (paleta). This is a wooden platform that is moved by a pallet truck (carretilla elevadora de paletas). Sometimes a straw (de paja) bed is refered to as a pallet (jergón, catre).

Now, palete: it is the roof of your mouth (paladar). It is also figurative to refer to someone ́s taste or preference for flavours for food and drink. Some examples:

  • A chocolate cake is pleasing (agradable) to the palete.
  • Ricardo has no palete for champagne (…no tiene paladar para el champagne).

So a painter can mix colours on a palete, work in a warehouse moving pallets, and have a palete for expensive champagne.


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