The cut of your jib

The cut of your jib

Are you a sailor (marinero)? If so, you need to know what a jib (foque) is. It is a small sail used at the front of a boat. An example.

  • The sailor adjusted the jib in order to veer north (…adjuntó el foque para girar hacia el norte).

Cranes also have arms or jibs (brazos).

There is another use, which refers to a mortal´s manner or style. Examine this:

  • She does not like the “cut of his jib”. Jib in this context can refer to the person´s manner (manera de ser), the person´s style (estilo de ser) and also appearance (aspecto).

Please do not confuse “jib” with “gib”. The words sound the same, but a gib is a bolt (tornillo) or a fastener (cierre).

So, do mortals like the cut of your jib?


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