KISS: Keep it simple and short

KISS: Keep it simple and short

Laziness and a lack of precision (la pereza y una falta de precisíon) are two common features of mankind (dos características frecuente de la humanidad). Unfortunately (desgraciadamente), these are features of English speakers and writers. These features are to be avoided like the plague (hay que huirlas como de la peste).

Although the following sentences (oraciones) are correct they are verbose (son verbosas).

  • Rajoy did some ironing yesterday.
  • Morales did some cooking on the 1st of April.

Why not write, using fewer words and delivering the same message, with more clarity? Review the following:

  • Rajoy ironed yesterday.
  • Morales cooked on 1st of April.

These sentences are shorter and easier to understand. So why make life difficult for yourself and the reader?

In English the golden rule (la regla de oro) is simplicity, so that “every man and his dog” (todo el mundo) can understand the words without difficulty. So, each time you write, remember this: “KISS”. It is an acronym (un acrónimo) for “keep it simple and short”.


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