For Spanish speakers “traduce” is a third person singular verb:  In English “traduce” has nothing to do with translate.

If a person “traduces” (difama) someone, he speaks or writes in a very criticial way that harms a person´s reputation. Other similar words are slander (calumniar), defame (difamar). If you “speak ill of someone” (hablar mal de alguien) you are traducing that person.

Study these examples:

  • The newspaper article traduces the Prime Minister. (…difama al Primer Ministerio).
  • Mr. Casado, the PP leader, has been traduced in the Venezuelan press (…ha sido difamado por la prensa venezolana).
  • Mr. Sanchez is traducing (difamando) Mr. Casado in a newspaper article.

Someone who traduces someone is a “traducer”, using traducible words. That action is a “traducement” (calumnia).

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