Is the converse true?

Is the converse true

You may know the word “converse” (conversar). Mortals converse, and some mortals “converse” by signs (hablan por señas).

Converse has other meanings. “The converse”, the word being a noun, is the opposite (contrario, opuesto) of something. There is also an expression: “the converse is true” (la verdad es el revés) or you could say the opposite is true.

An example:

  • If Mr. Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, believes something, Mr. Putin, the Russian dictator, will believe the converse.

Converse is also an adjective. An example:

  • Mr. Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister, was not willing to listen to converse (contrarias) opinions about taxes in Spain.

So mortals converse, have converse opinions or often believe the converse to the views of others.

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