Is Mr. Sánchez all at sea?


Sea (mar) you know. Sailors often spend 2 years at sea (dos años navigando), often in “high seas” (en alta mar) or in “rough seas” (mar agitado).

At the beginning of a voyage, ships “put out to sea” (hacerse al mar), and some mortals decide to be sailors or “go to sea” (hacerse marineros).

Here are two idioms that use sea. Contemplate these:

  • Mr. Sanchez is all at sea (esta en un lio). This means that he is confused or lost, that he does not know what to do. The origins of this idiom go back many moons, when sailors did not have good navigation equipment and therefore could easily get lost or be in danger.
  • Mr. Macron, the French President, is in a “sea of troubles” (un mar de penas) with his freedom of religious expression law.

Have you even “been at sea”? Perhaps. Who knows?


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