Is Brexit of great import?


“To import” (importar) something is a verb that you may know. “Imports” (artículos importados) is the plural noun. The opposite is “to export” and “exports” are the goods. An example:

  • Mr. Morales imports (importa) luxury goods. He is an importer (importador) of Rolls Royce cars.

There are also compund nouns using “import”: import duty (derechos de importación), import taxes.  

“Import” also refers to “importance”. Consider these:

  • For Mr. Morales Brexit is of no great import (…no tiene mayor transcendencia o importancia).
  • Mr. Juncker, the EU President, was slow to realize the import of Mr. Boris Johnson´s speech about Brexit (…tardó en darse cuenta de la transcendencia del discurso…).

In the Cambridge First or Advanced speaking exams you could say that an issue “is of no great import”, meaning that it is not significant or important in the context.

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