“Core” is a noun, part of a compound (compuesto) noun and a verb.

First, as a basic noun. Fruit such as apples have a core (corazón), so one can have, for example, an apple core and a pear core. A person can “core” (deshuesar) an apple or an apricot.

The word is also used figuratively. There can a core (esencia, meollo) of a problem. Examine these:

  • The core of the Brexit problem is that most members of Parliament do not want to leave the EU. As a result, many people “are shocked to the core” (profundamente afectado) because the Parliament should respect the people´s vote.
  • Some people say that many members of the Parliament are “rotten to the core” (corrompido hasta la médula) because they originally agreed to respect the Brexit referendum vote, and now refuse to do so.

As a compund noun we have the following: the core business of a company (actividad principal), a core curriculum in schools (asignaturas comunes).

Are you the cook in the household? Then, you may have used a “corer” (despepitadora); for example, a pineapple corer. That also means that you are a “corer” at times. A corer is the person or device that removes the core from fruit.


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