“Iron” (hierro) you may know. An iron (plancha) is what is used to smooth clothes after washing them. So you “iron out” the creases.

Here the interest is in idioms and expressions. Let´s start with two idioms:

  • Mr. Trump has many irons in the fire (…tiene muchos asuntos entre manos). This means that he has many important tasks to do at the same time or in progress.
  • Mr. Boris Johnson should “strike while the iron is hot”. This means that he should do something right now because the timing is opportune (oportuno) and advantageous.

Now some expressions.

Someone can be lucky and have an “iron constitution”, and have a “will of iron” (una voluntad de hierro). Mrs. Thatcher, the famous British Prime Minister, was described as “the Iron Lady”, meaning that she was strong-willed (fuerte de voluntad) and determined.

Last, the plural, irons. Many moons ago people in prisons were “put in irons” (poner grilletes).


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