Jerks and jerks

Jerks and jerks

Jerk has many meanings. First as a verb (sacudirse): it means to move suddenly. It can also mean to pull something (dar, dar un tirón) quickly.

Now as a noun. A jerk (cretino, imbécil) can be a stupid person, a 1960´s dance, and a Caribbean dish which consists of meat and hot spices.

Examine these examples.

  • Mr. Corbyn jerked the money out of the cash machine (… le dio un tirón al dinero …).
  • Mr. Sanchez´s car stopped with a jerk (…frenó con una súbita sacudida).
  • The front door of La Moncloa is in such bad condition that Mr. Sanchez has to jerk the door handle to open it (…tiene que tirar del picaporte para…).

So, Mr. Sanchez´s car stopped with a jerk, the jerk got out and walked to the restaurant where he opened the door with a jerk, ordered jerk, and then watched the Carribean ladies dance a jerk.


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