Are you an ostrich?


“Ostrich” (avestruz) you may know. It is a bird that has long legs, cannot fly, but can run very fast. Here our focus is on an expression that uses this word.

Many politicians have an “ostrich policy” to important issues. This means that they do not want to discuss very important issues – they ignore them. So an “ostrich policy or approach” is where politicians and others seek to avoid issues.

It is said (se dice) that ostriches “bury or hide their heads in the sand” (esconden las cabezas en la arena). So from this notion (noción) the we have a metaphorical (metafórica) expression to refer to someone who deliberately ignores important issues. That person is therefore an “ostrich”.

So does Mr. Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister, have an ostrich policy towards Covid 19?


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