Have you ever been a mug?

Have you ever been a mug?

I hope not. Sometimes mortals drink tea or coffee from a mug (un tazón que es más alto que ancho). A mug is different from a cup: a cup comes with a saucer (platillo), and mugs do not.

There is another use of “mug”. If someone has been a mug he has behaved badly or made a big mistake, and the word can also refer to something foolish (estupido). Examine these:

• Smoking is a mug´s game (fumar es cosa de bobos).

• I have been a mug (he sido bobo): I trusted Mr. Sanchez.

Another use as a verb: to mug someone is to attack and rob (atracar). An example:

• He was mugged (fue asaltado en) in New York.

So there are many things in life that are a mug´s game. One has to be careful not to be mugged, and also to avoid being a mug.


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