Don´t give me hassle


“Hassle” is a verb and a noun.  Something is a hassle if it is troublesome (difícil) or problematic (problemático) to do.

Somethings can be hassle (una molestia): legal hassles (problemas legales) bureaucratic hassles (las molestias burocráticas), and tax returns (declaraciones fiscales) are a hassle.

Somethings might be “no hassle” (no hay problema) and sometimes doing something is “not worth the hassle (no vale la pena), that is not worth the effort.

Airport security can be a hassle: getting through airport security is a hassle (…la seguridad del aeropuerto es un engorro).

People can be “hassled”. A person can hassle (molestar) a mortal. An example:

  • Street hawkers always hassle people (los vendedores ambulantes en la calle siempre molestan…).

So people can give you hassle and you might say “ don´t give me hassle” (no me fastidies).

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