Put on your thinking cap!

Put on your thinking cap

“Cap” (gorra) you may know: mortals sometimes wear them. There are also swimming caps (gorros) and golf caps. Bottles have caps (tapones) and some cars have “petrol caps”, and mortals sometimes cap (tapan) things.

There are some interesting expressions using “cap”. Contemplate the following.

Sometimes you may have to “put a cap (un tope a…) on” your spending on expensive holidays”, or in other words, an upper limit on your spending. Perhaps you also have to put a cap on the number of glasses of wine that you drink.

Often we have to “put on our thinking cap”. This is a way of saying that we need to contemplate something, or use your cerebral hemisphere to mull over (reflexionar sobre…) something. So, I have to put on my thinking cap when I prepare the articles for the blog. Perhaps in Spanish you might say “tengo que usar la materia gris…”

So, you may have to “cap your spending” on hand-made caps, and “put on your thinking cap” about how to control your extravagant spending or to solve the world´s problems.


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