Are you going to confer?

Are you going to confer

Are you going to confer with the King of Spain?

Confer can refer to two things: to discuss something, to grant something. Examine these examples.

  • Mr. Morales wants to buy a Porsche, but he has to confer (…tiene que consultar con… with his wife first. So here confer means to consult.
  • You cannot consult with the King of Spain about the issue of high taxes in Spain.
  • I need to consult with my colleagues (…para dialogar con…) about the issue.
  • The judges in London conferred the last award to the best actor (…concedieron el ultimo premio al…).
  • The jury left the courtroom to confer (para dialogar) to agree a verdict (veredicto).
  • Being born in England does not automatically confer (…no confiere automáticamente la ciudadanía) citizenship.

So, perhaps you need to confer with a group of mortals in order to decide whether (si o no) to confer a medal to Mr. Zelensky, the Ukranian president. What do you opine?

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