Are you a fellow?


Probably, in one way or another (de una forma u otra), or perhaps in many contexts.

“Fellow” is a noun with different meanings, and it acts as an adjective.

First, as a noun. “Fellow” is an informal way to refer to a man. It is also used to refer to a member (socio) of a club and an institution, and to refer to people in the same group. Consider these examples:

  • He is some fellow I met (es sólo un hombre que conocí).
  • He is a fellow of the English Academy (…miembro de la Academia de Inglés).
  • Mr. Corbyn is known among his fellows (compañeros) for his extreme views (opiniones extremas).

It is also used in a compound (compuesto) form, to refer to people in the same group. Examine these:

  • Fellow citizen (paisano).
  • Fellow traveller (compañero de viaje)
  • Fellow inmate (compañero de celda)
  • Fellow worker (compañero de trabajo)
  • Fellow students
  • Fellow believers (creyentes)

Here the word acts as an adjective:

  • We are fellow members of the chess club (somos socios del mismo club de ajedrez).

Here are some expressions:

  • My dear fellow (¡hombre!).
  • Poor fellow! (¡pobrecito!).
  • Look here, old fellow (mira, amigo).

So, in how many senses are you a fellow?


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