Moving to new pastures?

Moving to new pastures

“Pasture” (prado) and pastures (pastos) you may know. Sometimes mortals use the phrase “pasture land” (tierra de pastoreo, pradera).

Now an expression: if a person is “moving to new pastures” that mortal is going to live somewhere new, perhaps for a different life in another country. If a person were to move to Tenerife from England, people could say that the person is “moving to new pastures” (horizontes nuevos), that is, starting a new life somewhere.

There is another expression: to put someone out to pasture (jubilar a alguien). This means that he is finishing his career or working life and is being forced to retire.

Examine these examples:

  • In the pastures around my house in Ashendon, a village in the county (condado) in Buckinghamshire, England, there were many sheep.
  • Mr. Zapatero, the former Spanish Prime Minister, has a house surrounded (rodeada) by pastures.
  • Ricardo has decided to leave Tenerife for new pastures and to move to Patagonia.
  • PSOE should put Mr. Sanchez out to pasture and find a better leader.

So, you could be “put out to pasture”, and then decide to “move to new pastures”, buying a house surrounded by pastures.


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