A piece of cake

A piece of cake

Cake” (tarta, pastel) you may know. Here the focus is on the idioms that use the word cake.

If something is a piece of cake, it is something that is easy, “es pan comido”. For example, if the Cambridge First exam was easy, you could say “it was a piece of cake”.

If a product sells very quickly, then it is “selling like hot cakes” (vendiéndose como pan caliente).

Sometimes a person or an organisation likes to “have his cake and eat it” (nadar y guardar la ropa). That person wants everything and more. That is not possible.

Sometimes we say that something “is the icing on the cake” (la guinda que corona la torta), something extra that is special and appreciated.

In politics, there is often a discussion about how “the cake is divided up” (la forma que está repartida la tarta). This could be how taxpayer’s money is spent on the various important areas, such as defence, health services and education.

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