To beseech someone


Have you ever beseeched someone for something? Probably. To beseech something is to ask for something (suplicar a alguien que haga algo), suggesting that you need it a lot. Similar words in Spanish might be “implorar, rogar o suplicar”.

Consider these examples:

  • Consider, Mr. Morales, I beseech you, a solution for Brexit (considere, Señor Morales, una solución para Brexit).
  • I beseech God to save the world from its disobedience and folly (suplico a Dios que salve al mundo de su desobediencia y locura).

The adverb is beseechingly. You can look at someone beseechingly (puede mirar a alguien suplicante).

¡So, I beseech you to learn English well!


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