Polling day

Polling day

The 26th of May is “polling day” for the European Parliament. Polling day (día de las elecciones) is the day people vote in elections. So, there is a poll (votación) in the European Union on that day.

People “go to the polls” (acudir a las urnas), which means they go and vote in an election. They mark their preferences in a “polling booth” (cabina electoral) which is located in a “polling station” (centro electoral).

“Poll” is also a verb. Here are two examples:

  • The communists polled badly in the Spanish election (…obtuvieron pocos votos).
  • The Brexit party expects to poll well (…espera obtener muchos votos…) in the European Parliamentary elections.

Finally, a person who checks (via surveys) voting intentions is a “pollster” (encuestador).

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