“Thin” you may know (delgado, flaco, estrecho, afilado). Here our focus is on the idioms (modismos) that use “thin”.

Consider these:

  • He is as thin as a rake. A rake is a “rastrillo” and rake is a verb (rastrillar). It is also a noun with a different meaning, , meaning a dissolute (calavera) person. However, if you say someone is as thin as a rake you mean that he is very thin (está en los huesos).
  • Good politicians are “thin on the ground”. This means that there are not many good politicians (son escasos).
  • Mr. Boris Johnson appeared out of thin air (…aparece como por arte de mágica). This means that he appeared unexpectedly and suddenly.
  • Mr. Sanchez´s patience is wearing thin with Mr. Podemos. This means that he has little patience left for Mr. Podemos (se está agotando con el señor Podemos).

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