Plaintive and plantiff

Plaintive and plantiff

These two words sound almost the same, and are different.

A plaintiff (demandante) is someone who goes to a court with a complaint. Two examples:

  • Mr. Sanchez, the plaintiff, went to court (…el damandante, fue a juicio…) to silence Mr. Feijoo.
  • The jury resolved the dispute in favour of the plaintiff (…a favor del demandante).

Mortals can be plaintive, that is, sounding or looking sad or sorrowful (afligado/triste). Two examples:

  • You have a plaintive look today (…una cara lastimera hoy).
  • Mr. Sanchez said goodbye to Mr. Johnson in a plaintive voice (…una voz lastimera).

Perhaps you have been a plaintiff and in the court – or another place – you had a plaintive face. Who knows?


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