On the map?

On the map?

“Map” (plano, mapa) you will know. It is also a verb. Sometimes mortals map an area (levantan un mapa de una zona).

Here are some idioms using map.
• El Palmar (near Buenavista, Tenerife) is “off the map”, meaning that it is remote and unknown.

• The new product will put the company “on the map” (…dará a conocer …dará notoriedad a…). This means that the company will become famous or well-known because of the product´s success.

• The Liberal Party in Great Britain is off the map. This means that it is no longer important.

People, organisations, companies and places can be “off the map”, meaning that they are insignificant or not important. So to be” on the map” means to be well-known, famous or infamous.


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