Not an atom of truth


“Atom” is similar in Spanish: átomo. Here the context is physics (física).

“Atom” is also used in expressions. Contemplate these:

  • There is “not an atom of truth” in what Mr. Sanchez says about lower taxes. This means that what Sanchez says is untruthful (falso). Perhaps in Spanish you would say…no tiene ni pizca de verdad (o…no átomo de verdad).
  • If Mr. Sanchez “had an atom of sense” (si Mr. Sanchez tuviera una gota de sentido común…) he would form a coalition government (gobierno de coalición…) with Mr. Feejoo.
  • Mr. Sanchez smashed (smash = romper o hacer pedazos) the champagne glasses to atoms (or smashed the champagne glasses to small pieces) when he heard the election results.

So, do you know a mortal that often says things that are without an atom of truth?


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